Throwing a Paleo Party

NutritionIt’s hubby’s birthday on Monday, and as we’ve just recently purchased our own home I wanted to throw him a great party with all our friends. Naturally, my main concern when having a party is the food. And now that we follow a paleo lifestyle, choosing party foods is an even bigger process.

Every time I plan for a party I think, I know what we’ll like, but how can I be sure our grain-loving friends will approve?  And then I remember: paleo foods are just REAL FOODS! Also, bacon. That is all.

(It’s not really all, I have at least a few more paragraphs in me.)

So tonight, as the hubby spends an evening with his best friend (playing video games in separate states and talking over bluetooth headsets), I am spending the evening planning for this awesome shin dig tomorrow night.

I’ll share all of the recipes I make on the blog after the party, but for now just want to address the fact that paleo party planning is actually super simple! Sure, you can’t have pizza and pigs in a blanket (I don’t even want to talk about pigs in a blanket. I know, they’re super gross, but can we all just agree that they’re also SO GOOD?!), but you can have meatballs in a delicious sauce, veggie platters with all the dip and even dessert!

We’re having about 10 people over, nothing huge, and it will just be light dinner/snack foods. Here’s the menu I have planned:

God, my mouth is watering just thinking about this. I am literally about to drool.

That is what I love about the paleo lifestyle. Sure, not everyone will like “paleofied” baked goods and treats (although I’ve not met such a person yet), but how can they not like real food? I mean, it’s just food. Actual food. It’s food, guys. It’s food.

Check back on the blog after the weekend to get the recipes for my (hopefully by then) party-goer approved foods!


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