A Paleo Valentine’s Day Dinner

Nutrition-3Did everyone have a happy Valentine’s Day? I know I sure did, and when you read this post you’ll know why. Here’s a hint: lamb shank!

While I firmly believe Valentine’s Day (and nearly every other holiday) is a time to treat yo self,  I also think it’s great when you can find ways to make paleo-friendly treats that won’t make you feel crappy later. Treats are so much better when you can eat them and feel great eating them, too!

And that’s why this Valentine’s Day was especially amazing. Not only did my amazing husband spend hours making us a romantic dinner at home, he made one of the most delicious, paleo-friendly meals I’ve ever eaten! Isn’t he awesome?!

On my plate when I was finally allowed into the kitchen yesterday evening: a massive lamb shank, roasted fingerling potatoes and mixed greens with shaved fennel, toasted pine nuts and orange-tarragon vinaigrette. It was glorious. My mouth is watering so much right now just writing about it.


While I don’t have a specific recipe for this meal, I can definitely provide some tips on how you can make this meal yourself.

To make the lamb shank, the hubby seared the meat in a pan to get a nice brown crust on the outside. Then he put it in a pot with some beef stock, red wine, carrots, onions, celery, garlic, cinnamon sticks and other herbs, and braised it in the oven at 300 degrees for a few hours.

Once the meat was cooked and removed from the pot, he strained the liquid from the veggies, and added a slurry of arrowroot powder to the cooking liquid (a slurry is made by mixing arrowroot powder or a similar thickening agent to some water, and mixing it together until well-combined). This thickened up the cooking liquid and made an amazing gravy that we poured all over the lamb shank.

The fingerling potatoes were roasted very simply, with olive oil, salt and pepper. They were awesome.

The salad, however, was the super star of the whole show. The hubby shaved raw fennel and added it to some mixed greens, then toasted pine nuts in a pan on the stove to garnish the salad. He made a dressing for the salad out of the juice of an orange, red wine vinegar, fresh chopped tarragon, honey and salt and pepper. It was SO GOOD.

The best part of the whole meal: there was a ton of meat leftover, providing some great inspiration for this morning’s breakfast! That breakfast recipe will be posted soon 🙂


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