Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Salted Caramel Bourbon Bacon Brownies

Nutrition-3Every year I give up something (or a few things) for Lent, as the (occasionally) good Catholic that I am. This Lent, I decided to give up sweets and dairy (my one non-paleo vice). On Tuesday, the hubby and I decided to make one last incredible dessert before embarking on 40 days and 40 nights without dessert.

So where do you turn to find an amazing grain-free, paleo dessert? To Brittany Angell, of course! If you’ve never checked out her recipes, go now. Seriously. Stop reading my blog and go to hers (but then come back to mine…please?).

We made her Salted Caramel Bourbon Bacon Brownies, and they were super good. Definitely not the moist brownie I am used to (we might try adding eggs next time since both of us can tolerate eggs), but the flavor was incredible. We didn’t eat them all (though it was tempting), so we’ve got half the batch in the freezer to enjoy after Easter.

Visit Brittany’s blog for the full recipe, and then try it out for yourself. They were seriously amazing!

Bourbon Bacon Brownies

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