Spreading the Good Food

NutritionI’ve been thinking a lot lately about my overall mission for this blog. Am I aiming for internet fame, leading to a book deal, leading to appearances at book stores across America? Well, duh. Who isn’t?

But I realize the chances of that happening are slim. For all of the food bloggers out there sharing their passion for food and health, there are very few who take their message beyond their site and social media.

So what is the real mission of this blog? The one that will always make it worth writing even if it’s only my family, friends and a few followers reading? It’s the message I share in my site’s tagline: “Spreading the good food.”

A paleo lifestyle is not for everyone. But I believe so strongly in this way of life. And I want to share my reinvigorated passion for food, fitness and health with anyone who will listen. I truly believe this way of life can change people and change their health for the better. And if I can help someone find more happiness and find better health it will mean the world to me.

Already this goal is materializing. Two people at work last week asked me about the blog and to tell them about the paleo diet. My parents have been over for meals a few times and have loved the paleo food I’ve made (they’ve even borrowed my copy of Practical Paleo!). My hubby is joining me in following a paleo lifestyle more and more every day, giving up dairy with me for Lent and working hard to rid gluten from his diet as much as possible.

A few of our friends, many of whom have long been looking for a new path to health, are also trying to go paleo. We’ve been sharing tips and favorite products, and having each other over for delicious paleo meals. It makes me so happy to know that I have already been able to share this lifestyle that I am so passionate about.

I know there are some friends and family members who will never consider following this kind of lifestyle. And that’s OK. I firmly believe that everyone should take responsibility for their own health, whether they do that through paleo living,  a vegetarian diet, a standard American diet, or through marathon running, yoga or CrossFit.

All I know is that the paleo lifestyle works for me. It has given me such peace of mind, greater health and fitness, and has inspired a love of cooking I never knew I had.

And though I won’t reach everyone, nor influence all of those I do reach, I am going to keep spreading the good food– shouting my love of paleo living from the rooftops as loudly as I can.

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