Transformation Tuesdays: Make Your Meal Paleo

Tips for Paleo LivingOne of my favorite things to do in my kitchen is to remake classic grain- and dairy-filled meals and turn them into paleo-friendly goodness. I’ve done this with pizza (although I left the cheese on!) and with eggs benedict, and I’m looking to transform even more “standard American diet” meals. There’s only one problem: I need ideas!

That’s where you come in, trusty readers. Do you have a favorite meal you just can’t live without, paleo or not? Share the meal in the comment section of this post or send your idea to me on social media, and I’ll transform your favorite dishes into paleo-friendly meals everyone will love.

Your ideas will help form the basis of a new series on the blog: Transformation Tuesdays. Each Tuesday going forward, I will post my newest food transformation, inspired by your ideas. Then, you can take the recipes and eat healthier, all without missing out on your favorite meals. It’s just another way I’m working hard to “spread the good food.”

So please– send me those ideas, already! The more challenging the better 🙂 I’ve already got one request for lasagna…what do YOU want to see me transform?

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